About Club Spraoi


Club Spraoi was set up in 2016 by myself, Priscilla McCann, a parent of two primary school aged children. As a busy parent, I have experienced the challenges of organising school drop-offs and collections, while juggling work, college and the many demands of a busy family.

We have relied on family and friends to help us out, but the ever-changing arrangements were making my head spin and causing a lot of stress!

Having listened to friends and parents at the school experiencing similar challenges, I soon realised that I could combine my professional training and experience, with a solution for families’ childcare needs, by providing an on-site childcare service within a primary school.

This service would enable parents to drop their children to school before they go to work, and return to the school to collect them in the evening. The children would be cared for in a safe and familiar place, where they can play with their friends and take part in a well-designed fun and active programme of activities.

My Background

I am passionate about the care and education of children of all ages, and have worked in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education since 2007, both as a Preschool Teacher and as Manager of a Before and After-School Club at a Primary School.

Additionally, during the 2015-2016 academic year, I worked as a Part-time Volunteer Tutor at the Cork Life Centre, teaching Junior and Leaving Certificate subjects to students who have left the mainstream secondary education system.

After returning to education in 2015, I received a B.A (Hons) in Montessori Education (3-12 years) from Cork Institute of Technology, also earning the award for ‘Best Student’.

I have also completed courses in areas of interest to me, including Special Educational Needs, Adult Literacy and Educational Psychotherapy. This training and experience has motivated me to continue working with children; striving to provide a fun and playful learning environment where all children feel included, respected and valued.

Contact Us

Email: info@clubspraoi.ie

Telephone: 086 379 1010