Frequently Asked Questions

Can you book a session by text or over the phone?

Any booking request sent by text will NOT be confirmed. In cases of emergency, we are able to help by taking a booking over the phone, as long as there is credit on your account or your credit/debit card details are already saved in your account dashboard.


Can I book and pay for my sessions later?

Yes. Our flexible booking platform will allow you to ‘pre-book’ sessions in advance. However, all sessions must be paid for in full, 10 working days in advance of your child attending. You will receive an email reminding you that payment is due. If you fail to pay in the required time frame, the system will automatically cancel your booking and release your places back in to the system.


Do I have to book the whole week/month/term?

No. Our system is very flexible and, subject to availability, you can book for individual sessions or for the whole of the school year. It’s completely up to you.


What if I need to cancel my booking?

No problem. If you wish to cancel a booking, you are able to do this yourself via your account dashboard and receive a credit on your account.


What shall I do if someone else is collecting my child?

Your child will not be able to leave with anyone that is not listed on your account as an authorised contact. You can add people by logging in to your account dashboard and selecting ‘Child Details’. Here you can add up to four ‘Emergency Contacts and Authorised Adults’.


What are the payment options?

The easiest and most convenient way to pay is by debit/credit card. Our booking system allows you to either pay via card per booking or save your card details for convenience. You can also top-up your ‘Wallet’ in your account and use this to make bookings. If you need to pay in cash, you must pay this to the Coordinator at the school in advance of making any bookings. This amount will then be added to the ‘Wallet’ in your account and can then be used to pay for sessions.

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